Zoom Room User Guide

This article provides instructions for scheduling and hosting Zoom meetings in a Zoom Room.  Zoom Rooms are configured to use an iPad Zoom Room Controller to access Zoom Room features which appear as tabs on the left column of the Controller. 

For best results, install Zoom Client for Meetings on your device prior to scheduling or hosting a Zoom Room meeting.  https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

Start the Zoom Room 

Before starting your meeting, activate the display from the wall panel or remote control. (**Please Note - Display system start up steps may vary from room to room). 

  1. Turn display ON.
  2. Select HDMI as source.  
  3. Tap the Controller screen to wake.  

You can find instructions for the Zoom Room User controls here:  https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/204772869-Zoom-Rooms-User-Guide

Start an instant meeting and invite attendees

  1. Select the Meet Now tab on the left column of the Controller.
  2. Tap the green Meet Now button on the Controller.
  3. Select the Invite button on the Controller and invite attendees in 1 of 3 ways:
  • Invite from contacts
    • Select a Dartmouth contact on the list and Invite
  • By email
    • meeting invitation opens
    • enter email address and Invite
  • Invite Room System 
    • invite a Video Teleconference Unit (H.323 device) by entering the unit’s IP address or E.164 number (SIP)

Schedule a Zoom meeting via the Outlook Calendar

  1. Install Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting
  2. BWA/OWA users should install Outlook Web Add-In https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115005223126
  3. Follow standard procedure to schedule a meeting in the Outlook. Invite the Zoom Room to the Zoom meeting as an attendee, e.g. 4 Currier 215.
  4. Enter Zoom meeting information by selecting the Zoom icon that appears above the meeting invitation. 
  • A Zoom invitation opens 
  • Enter information 
  • Select Add Zoom Meeting and Send

Start a scheduled Zoom meeting in a Zoom Room

All scheduled meetings for the current day will be listed under the Meetings tab on the Controller. Zoom meetings are denoted by a meeting ID number.

  1. When a Zoom meeting is scheduled to begin a Start button will appear on the Controller.
  2. Press Start to launch Zoom meeting.

Screen Share options

Direct Screen Share from a Zoom Desktop Client

  1. Press Share Screen in the Desktop client.
  2. It will connect immediately or provide instructions to use either a sharing key (desktop app) or a meeting ID (browser). The meeting ID is listed in the sharing window.


Using the presentation tab on the Controller

  1. Select the Presentation tab on the Controller
  2. Choose desktop or IOS option 
  3. A share screen window appears with options to share with a desktop app or browser.

Wireless Screen Share 

  1. Launch a local meeting (Meet Now
  2. Go to https://share.zoom.us
  3. Enter the meeting ID 
  4. Share desktop or applications.


Using the Phone Dialer (only available in certain locations)

Direct calling
  1. Select Phone Tab - Dialer appears. The drop down menu is for recent calls.
  2. Place all local and US long distance calls by entering area code and number via the touch pad controls. The number 1 (country code) will be added automatically to US long distance calls.
  3. Call controls include Mute, DTMF keyboard and volume (volume control will be greyed out when Zoom Room has a digital connection).

Zoom meetings

  1. Call out to Zoom at 646-558-8656.
  2. Enter meeting ID when prompted and select # key to enter the meeting.
  3. Participants can also call into a Zoom Room meeting using this same method.









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