Using Technology in Class: Tips for Success


Here are six important steps to successful use of technology in the classroom.

Get the Right Classroom

Describe the capacity, furnishings, and technology you will need when the A&S Registrar solicits this information from your department each term. Check with your Department Administrator or Chair for more information. Most A&S centrally booked classrooms are equipped for computer and DVD display. Most other classrooms can be equipped on a term by term basis.

Preview the Classroom

Classroom computers and AV systems are upgraded regularly. Visit the classroom you are assigned as soon as possible if you have not recently taught there.

Get Oriented

Central classroom orientation, submit Orientation Request or phone 603-646-2302.  Class Tech will provide AV equipment training and a general overview of the classroom.  Submit request before the term starts. Classrooms and staff schedules tighten up once the term begins.

Schedule Services You Will Need

Central booked classrooms and other equipped rooms are designed for self service computer and video display once a faculty member has completed a brief training and gained some practical experience. If you need additional equipment or staff assistance for particular class meetings, please contact Classroom.Scheduling well ahead of when these services are needed. Legacy or specialized equipment (VHS videotape, 35mm slides, 16mm motion picture film, overhead transparencies) and newer technology (videoconferencing) can be provided as scheduled.

Report Problems

Contact Classroom.Scheduling to report any problems you may experience in the classroom.  We will address the problem or refer it to the appropriate party.

Get Help

In-Class AV Helpline, call 603-646-1155 (Class Tech). Call from within the classroom if possible, as we may be able to resolve the problem over the phone quickly with your assistance. If this is not successful, we will send a Classroom Specialist to the classroom. This service is available during the class day while term is in session.


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