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Central booked classrooms are designed for self-service use of computer, video, and document display. Faculty may also record their voice and the computer desktop in any central booked classroom as well as ability to host a guest lecturer via desktop conferencing.

  • Check to verify if your assigned space is a central classroom, go to Central Booked Classrooms (UG) - Locations.
  • Go to https://api.dartgo.org/class_tech-support_cat to submit a service request:
    • To schedule training on how to use audio visual equipment in a central booked classroom,
    • If you are assigned to a non-central booked classroom and need audio visual equipment for your A&S course,
    • If the central classroom, you are assigned to, does not have audio visual technology needed for your course

ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech) will receive and follow up within 24 hours upon receipt of your request.


Class Tech, Classroom Specialists, are available for academic support from 8:00am through 8:00pm weekdays while the term is in session.

Audio visual systems are powered off automatically every night at 11:15 pm to ensure that the equipment is not left on for extended periods between uses.

Computers and laptops (setup for portable audio visual solutions) are scheduled to power on for 6:30am and powered off for 11:30pm Monday through Friday.  All computers are powered off for the weekends.


Immediate audio visual help is available during class hours.  Call 603-646-2999. A Class Tech, Classroom Specialist may be able to resolve the issue over the phone, or will be dispatched to your classroom location.

Class Tech conducts readiness checks of the audio visual systems in central booked classrooms and for audio visual portable equipment solutions setup in non-central classrooms.  This task is conducted before the 9L/9S class periods during term.

To schedule audio visual training/assistance, go to https://api.dartgo.org/class_tech-support_cat or call 646-2302.

In person support is not available after hours (weeknights and weekends).


Let us know how we can improve your central booked classroom experience: new functionality, additional training or instructions, improved design, easier access, etc.

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