Using Technology in Class: Tips for Success


Learn how to have a successful experience using technology (audio visual systems) in central booked classrooms and non-central classrooms.


Steps for Successful Use of Technology in the Classroom

Get the Right Classroom

Describe the capacity, furnishings, and technology you will need when the A&S Registrar solicits this information from your department each term. Check with your Department Administrator or Chair for more information. A&S central booked classrooms are designed for self-service use of computer, video, and document display. Faculty may also record their voice and the computer desktop in any central booked classroom as well as ability to host a guest lecturer via desktop conferencing.  Non-central spaces are booked by the Registrar, as needed, on a per term basis.

For a listing of central booked classrooms, go to Central Booked Classrooms (UG) - Locations.

Preview the Classroom

  • Classroom computers and AV systems are upgraded regularly. 
  • Non-central spaces are not equipped with portable AV equipment.  This is requested on a per term basis. 
  • Visit the classroom you are assigned as soon as possible.

Get Oriented

Schedule an orientation for a central/non-central classroom, by going to  ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech) will provide training on the audio visual system and a general overview of the classroom or work with you if your space needs portable audio visual equipment setup for the term.  Recommend submitting requests before the term starts. Classrooms and staff schedules tighten up once the term has commenced.

Schedule Services You Will Need

Central booked classrooms and non-central portable equipped rooms are designed for self service computer, video and document display once a faculty member has completed a brief training and gained some practical experience. If you need additional equipment or staff assistance is needed for particular class meetings, go to to submit a request.  Requests need to be received minmum 48 hours in advance of when these services are needed. Legacy equipment may or are no longer supported (VHS videotape, 35mm slides, 16mm motion picture film, overhead transparencies).

Report Problems

Go to  to report any problem you may experience in the classroom.

Get Help

For immediate audio visual In-Class support call (603) 646-2999 to contact ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech).  Call from within the classroom if possible, as Class Tech may be able to resolve the problem over the phone quickly with your assistance. If this is not successful, Classroom Specialist will be dispatched to the classroom. This service is available during the class day while term is in session.



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