Dartmouth has a variety of facilities for courses and seminars. You can choose from projection-equipped centrally booked classrooms or the instructional center where each student station is equipped with a computer. Display equipment can also be scheduled in many non-equipped classrooms.

Classroom Scheduling

Classroom assignments for each term are coordinated by Department Chairs, Department Administrators, and the Arts and Sciences Registrar. Prior to the end of each term, the Registrar sends a mailing to departments for the upcoming term’s classroom assignments. Department staff coordinate faculty responses to this mailing. Faculty requirements for seating capacity, room layout, furnishings, audio visual equipment, campus location, and other elements are then matched to the inventory of suitable classrooms available at the given class hour.

Faculty can request additional evening, weekend, or term break room assignments by emailing

Group Meeting Rooms for Students

For students who want to work together as a group, group meeting rooms are available within Baker/Berry. To schedule a room, see

Equipment Services and Support

Portable audio visual equipment may be scheduled for use in non-equipped classrooms or to supplement the standard playback equipment in centrally booked classrooms. To submit a request, go to In-Class Academic Support for equipment, assistance, and Central Classroom Orientation for training or call 603-646-2302.


Contact the AV Helpline, 6-1155,  if your are experiencing an problem during your class.. The next available technician will respond to your call. The number is posted in all equipped classrooms. To submit a report for non-critical failures of the audiovisual system or maintenance needs go to Central Classroom AV - Report a Problem  ro call 646-2302. To schedule audio visual services for your class or academic event, submit a request to In-Class Academic Support or call 646-2302.

While many issues reported are resolved within the same day and ahead of the next class, some system failures may not be quickly repaired. We will notify scheduled users and leave information in the classroom in these instances. Having a back up plan (e.g.: using an x-period) can be helpful in these rare instances.


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