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Pull data from a Globus endpoint to DartFS

Personal client $ wget # Exact the downloaded zip file and then delete it $ tar zxvf

SAS: Using compressed data files.

applicable only to SAS on Unix/Linux systems. External tools can be used to decompress data files into a pipe (in-memory transfer between processes) and then SAS can read from the pipe.  The

Configuring My Service to Send Email

Linux hosts may be using the host's Sendmail or Postfix configuration. In this case contact the host's SysAdmin to confirm the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) configuration Note: Microsoft intends to

Getting started with GitLab

that, we recommend the following: Linux/Mac: Windows:   Are there any recommended GUI clients

Web Authentication System

. WebAuth will allow users of Linux and Intel-based Macintosh computers — systems not supported by our old SideCar authentication system — to authenticate to applications. Additional software does

Statistical Software Support

R Macintosh, Windows, LINUX Novice to expert       Stata - A general-purpose statistical package that can do extensive analyses and fair graphs. It is

Install ArcGIS Desktop - Geographic Information Systems Software

Step-by-Step Notes: ArcGIS Desktop runs only on Windows machines. In the steps below, the file version number may change as new software is released. For Mac and Linux users, see below, there

Devices Supported on the Dartmouth Network

used by devices connected to the eduroam Wi-Fi network. Raspberry Pi or similar Linux-based SBC Devices Yes Yes Yes In order to connect to eduroam, you will need

DartFS Lab Permissions

-write everywhere.  Just change the ACE for rc-LabName to be inheritable. HPC Home Directories When you ssh into one of the Linux systems that Research Computing maintains, your home directory is

Andes and Polaris Environments

: You have a HOME directory with 50 GB of space. This directory is housed in DartFS and can also be accessed from your laptop or desktop.  Both Andes and Polaris run Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7

Modern Authentication for More Secure Email

-add your Dartmouth account in Apple Mail (e.g. Mac) Link Adding your Dartmouth account to Outlook for Mac Link Android devices KBA Link Linux information KBA Link

eduroam (SecureW2 JoinNow) Installation Instructions

/iPad) Android Linux ChromeOS MacOS Go to in your web browser and click the "Connect to eduroam" button.  You will be redirected to the SecureW2 JoinNow setup page

Granite (tiCrypt) Secure Computing Environment

computer platform (Windows or Linux) upon which researchers across Dartmouth Health and Dartmouth College can collaborate to view, analyze, and store sensitive data for active research projects. Beyond being

Running Jupyter Notebook on High Performance Computing systems This might ask for your password and then return. Again, like most Linux/UNIX utilities, SSH succeeds quitely and fails loudly. So if you don't see an error message, it worked! Keep this

Investing in Discovery

. Researchers considering their own purchase of a Linux cluster are invited to consider the advantages of joining the cooperative Discovery cluster. Discovery has been running since the fall of 2005