Sending Faxes from Dartmouth Phones

With Dartmouth's new phone service, all phone numbers that are attached to a NetID (e.g., people or departments) are set up to receive incoming faxes. Your phone will detect it is an incoming fax, and automatically send it as an email with the fax as an attachment to the email address associated with that phone number.

If a department has a need to send outgoing faxes, a fax number for the department can be created so that faxes can be sent electronically - without the need for a separate fax machine and phone line.

To request an outgoing fax number for your department, see Outgoing eFax

Once the outgoing fax number has been created for your department, to send a fax:

  1. Open a new message window in your email.
  2. In the To field, enter [FaxNumber you're sending the fax To] (e.g.
  3. In the Subject Line, enter the Fax Access Code (PIN) you were given for your outgoing Fax number. There can be nothing preceding nor following this PIN on the subject line. 
  4. Attach the file you want to send. Supported formats include: pdf, jpg, tiff, png, bmp, rtf, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and ppts.
  5. The Body field of the email message is not included in the fax. Any signatures that are added as attachments should be removed. 

If anything is faxed back to the sender, it will automatically show up in the departmental email account attached to the outgoing fax number when the number was set up. 


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