Manage Speed Dial (Favorites) on Phones

How do I add a favorite (speed dial)?

  • In GoToConnect on your computer (GoToConnect Desktop), in the GoToConnect window, click the Contacts icon in the left column. In the Enter number or search for contact field, enter the number or name of the contact you want to make a favorite, then click Go. At the top of the center window, the contact's name will appear. On the right side of that center window, click the Star icon. 
  • In GoToConnect on your smart phone (GoToConnect Mobile), touch Contacts in the bottom of the window. Make sure All is selected at the top of the window. Search for the contact that you want to add as a favorite. Touch the name from the list, then touch Favorite.

    Note: Favorites that you add to GoToConnect Desktop will sync to GoToConnect Mobile once the app is restarted; favorites that you add in GoToConnect Mobile will sync to your GoToConnect Desktop once the GoToConnect application is restarted. If your list of favorites between GoToConnect Desktop and GoToConnect Mobile become out of sync, restarting both the mobile client and computer application at the same time will cause the first one that you log into to overwrite the other. 
  • To add a speed dial to a desk phone, open a web browser and go to Click your profile icon in the upper right corner, then Settings from the menu that appears. Click Devices from the left column, then Add Button. In the Type field of the window that appears, select Speed Dial. In the Selection field, enter the number that you want to be dialed when you press this speed dial button on your phone. In the Label field, enter the name that you want to appear on your phone for the speed dial. Click Save & Sync. Your phone will restart. Once the phone restarts, you should see the speed dial number you just added. 

    Note: A one-button speed dial is only available on desk phones where a line key button is available - not already assigned to another line or speed dial number. On any desk phone model, the first line key button is reserved for the number assigned to that phone. The VVX250 phone has four line key buttons, which means you can set up three speed dial numbers, assuming you don't monitor another line on your phone. 
  • As an alternative to speed dial on desk phones without enough line key buttons, you can add contacts. To add a contact to a desk phone, press the Directory key on your phone. Select Contact Directory, then Add. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Contact (Phone Number) for the speed dial, then press Save. Now, when you want to quickly call this contact, press Directory, then Contact. Scroll to the contact you want and press Dial



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