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How to install R packages on Linux servers in personal or shared lab space.
DartFS is available via two different protocols: NFS and SMB. Linux can mount DartFS volumes with either but for Linux workstations we recommend using SMB because it is less complicated. Older Linux systems supported only the SMB1 protocol, which is not supported by DartFS for security reasons.  This includes RHEL6/Centos6/Ubuntu14 and earlier.
Global Protect by Palo Alto Networks is Dartmouth's newly supported VPN client. This tool has replaced the F5 VPN client, also known as the Big-IP Edge client, and is available across different devices and operating systems.
Filesystem rules for SMB protocol apply to DartFS mounted on client computers using SMB. There are restrictions on file naming, and limitations on preservation of file metadata, and potential issues with case sensitivity. In addition, there are filename extensions Dartmouth has chosen to block on the Isilon because of Windows malware.
This KBA discusses email options for Linux users accessing our Microsoft 365 mailboxes.