Recall or replace an email that you sent

An email recall will go out to a recipients mailbox and retieve a messgage from their mailbox if they have not opened it. This may be a useful function for you if you accidently sent an email to an un-intended recipient. You can also choose to recall and replace a sent email. For example, if you forgot to include an attachment to an email, you can recall it, and replace it with an email that includes the attachment. 

Important: This function will only work if if the recipeint is somebody with a Dartmouth email, and does not have their mailbox set to forward to a different email, such as a Gmail account. You can also choose to be notified on whether the recall was succesful or if it failed.

Note: ITC encourages you to follow up with an un-intended recipient if an email you sent contains sensitvie information.

Please visit the Microsoft article below which offers more information on how to use this function.



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