Emeritus Accounts

Emeritus status entitles an individual to the following technology-related services:

  • Your name listed in the College directories;
  • A forwarding Dartmouth.edu email address;
  • The ability to purchase computer equipment through The Computer Store.

If you are granted emeritus status, Dartmouth staff will help:

  • create an account for you with Google, Microsoft or the vendor of your choice;
  • transition your email and contacts to your new account;
  • set forwarding on your Dartmouth.edu account to your new account;
  • set up your new account so emails sent from that account come from your Dartmouth.edu address;
  • transition any personal files from your OneDrive account to your new file storage location;
  • recommend local businesses where you can obtain technology support;
  • if your department allows you to retain your computer, Dartmouth staff will prepare it for your use

If you wish to continuing using Office 365 for your email, word processing, spreadsheets, file storage, etc. you can purchase the home version of Office 365 for an annual subscription. See https://products.office.com/en-us/compare-all-microsoft-office-products?tab=1&OCID=AID737190_SEM_GDeyd4zB&lnkd=Bing_O365SMB_NI&msclkid=be5dc3c418d51dbf229f9fca98014b62 for information about this option. 


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