Technology Support Resources in the Upper Valley

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Computer support for Arts & Sciences faculty, staff and students is provided by the ITC Service Desk. If you are affiliated with Dartmouth in another capacity and come to ITC for technology support, or are experiencing issues with technology which ITC doesn't support, you may be referred to an outside vendor. Some outside, local technology vendors are listed below.

Support may also be available directly from the vendor of your technology, for example: Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo

Vendor list sourced from Google, company inclusion on list does not imply a recommendation from Dartmouth. Before working with one of these vendors, check the service agreements and pricing carefully.

Local Vendors include:

B-Tech Computer Solutions
Phone: +16033811767

Geek Squard (Best Buy)
Phone: +16036435800

Holmes Computers
Phone: +16034480160

NHVT Computer Services, Corp.
Phone: +16034482110

Systems Plus Computers Inc. - Apple Authorized Service Provider
Phone: +16036435800

The IT Pathfinder
Phone: +18025269201


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