Spam Voice Calls

  • Periodically, members of the Dartmouth community receive phone calls at their Dartmouth phone number that are considered "spam".
  • These calls are just like the spam calls you get on your personal phones and email and can take the following forms:
    • The caller will either leave a voice message or will begin speaking in a foreign language.
    • The caller might try to sell you something, sometimes impersonating a Dartmouth vendor.
    • The caller might threaten legal action.
    • The call might appear to originate from a Dartmouth phone number. Just remember that all legitimate Dartmouth calls will only show the extension. A spoofed Dartmouth call will show a 603-646-XXXX number.
  • These types of spam calls have been affecting several higher-ed institutions recently. Since the originating numbers are constantly changing, we cannot block these calls system-wide.
  • We recommend that you just disregard these calls. If they are personally threatening, contact Dartmouth's Safety and Security.
  • You do have the ability to block numbers from calling your Dartmouth number. See for additional information. 
  • In the event we decide to block a number across the Dartmouth College phone system, when that number next calls a Dartmouth number, they will hear a recording telling them they have been identified as a spam caller and to stop calling. We will only do this when we receive a request from Safety & Security, the Office of the General Counsel, or Senior Leadership. 
  • Related to this topic, see area codes that have been blocked in order to help reduce scam calls.


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