Baker 213 and 234 Quickstart Guide


Baker 213 and 234 are single projector rooms with an audiovisual system that support the use of a classroom computer or laptop through wired or wireless connections. A lapel microphone is available to use with Zoom or other desktop conferencing applications.


  • Classroom Computer
    Use the classroom computer for slideshows or other media presentation.
  • Wireless Display
    Wirelessly connect through the Solstice pod from your laptop. The Solstice application will need to be downloaded onto your computer before use. Learn more about Wireless Display.
  • HDMI
    Directly connect your laptop or other device to the audiovisual system.
  • Lapel Microphone
    A lapel/lavalier microphone is available to use with Zoom to capture the presenter’s voice for remote guests OR for recording.
    Please note: The local speech reinforcement is temporarily unavailable.

Getting Started

  1. Plug your laptop or mobile device into the HDMI cable (or use the classroom computer). Adapter may be required.
  2. Using the touch panel, select the content you would like to display on the projector (classroom computer, Wireless Display, or HDMI).
  3. Adjust the volume through the fader on the bottom of the touch panel as needed.

When you are finished, please tap the power button to turn off the system.

Using the Microphone with Zoom

  1. Remove the microphone from the drawer and turn on. (How to use microphone)
  2. Plug the USB cable into the classroom computer or your laptop
  3. Change the microphone settings in Zoom to "USB Codec"

Quick Start Video



AV Connections



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