Manage your Devices

Duo Overview



To access a service that requires two-factor authentication using Duo, you can self-enroll in Duo following the instructions on the Duo Setup page.

Note: it is recommended that you register more than one device with your Duo account (example: Mobile phone, Landline, DUO Token, Tablet, etc.)

Manage Your Devices

Duo provides the following two-factor authentication options:

  • Duo mobile application - Duo Push
  • Phone callback to your mobile, desk, or landline phone
  • Tokens (which can be obtained at the Computer Store)
  • Apple Touch ID (works only with Chrome)

No longer available due to security changes:

  • SMS passcodes (via text message)
  • Passcodes (via the Duo Mobile app)

You can use Duo to add a device. Start by using the Add a Duo Device page.

To manage existing Duo devices or preferences. Start by using the Manage Your Devices page.

How to Reactivate the Mobile App on a Mobile Phone

If you:

  • purchased a new phone and have the same phone #
  • are traveling internationally and have a new phone # and the same phone
  • or you deleted everything on your old phone but still have the same phone number

you can use the Call Me option to re-activate the Duo Mobile app.

Do you need to reactivate Duo Mobile on iPhone or Android, and need to generate a new QR code to scan? Use the instructions on How to Reactivate the Mobile App on a Mobile Phone.

If you do not have any devices or a previously registered phone number, the quickest way to resolve this is to give us a call 603.646.2999.


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