Call Routing Options Overview

Within Dartmouth's phone system, there are many options for routing incoming calls. These range from:

  • Setting up a single number to ring on another line, or on many other lines, simultaneously or in a specific sequence using "Find Me Follow Me";
  • Setting up a "dial plan" so there is an announcement before the phone starts ringing, possibly providing options for different keys that can be pressed to get to a specific, alternate number;
  • Setting up a "call center" where multiple people can answer the same incoming number. Call centers can provide automated and agent based answering services based on time of day with custom prompts and menu options. They can also provide reporting and various call statistics, along with many other functions.

Setting up "Find Me Follow Me" for a phone number can be done without involving IT staff. Just log into using the NetID and password for the phone number you want to configure, click your profile icon in the upper right corner, then Settings then Find Me Follow Me

You will need to work with an ITC staff person to set up a dial plan or a contact center. Request a consultation for this at




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