Request a New Website

The Web Services team builds websites for administrative offices, academic departments, centers, institutes, and programs on campus. We’ll work with you to develop a web strategy, build your new site or migrate an existing site, and provide training and ongoing support.

A do-it-yourself WordPress platform is also available for Dartmouth faculty, students, and staff.

Working with Web Services to Build Your Website

Services we provide include:

  • Website design and production
  • Guidance on and creation of site architecture and design.
  • Guidance on communication, content, and editorial strategy for your website.
  • Consulting/Client Relations (Consult on website content and technology decisions)
  • Quality Assurance (accessibility, standards compliance, structural integrity of websites and web applications)
  • Website and Content Management Support (Ongoing support: one-on-one and group training and support for sites in our content management systems.)

Some Things to Consider Before Contacting Us

Building a website can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more, depending on numerous factors, including the client's availability and prior preparation. Before you contact Web Services, we ask that you do some upfront work that will, ultimately, advance the completion of the project in a timely manner.

  1. Appoint a Department Contact for Your Website: Appoint a person within your department who will work with Web Services on your website. Having more than one person communicating with us can cause confusion, and therefore, slow down the process.

  2. Consider Your Content: Consider the content that best forwards your department's communications goals for the website ahead of time; for example:

    What information will be on your website?
    Is the content coming from an existing site, as is?
    Is the content being written from scratch; is it coming from various individuals in the department?

          Updating and reworking the content before you contact us will move the development of the website forward much quicker.

Available to:

  • Faculty
  • Staff