WWW Expiring Accounts

You have been directed to this page for one of the following reasons:

  • Our records show that you have an account on the Dartmouth web servers but are no longer a current Dartmouth student, faculty or staff member.
    • Accounts on the Dartmouth web servers are reserved for current students, faculty and staff and your account is scheduled for deletion.
    • Please follow the directions below to let us know how to handle your data.
  • The web site that you have on www.dartmouth.edu is currently returning an error page ("Page Not Found", "Access Denied", etc.)
    • Because the current www.dartmouth.edu web servers are being retired, we will be expiring any accounts that are not correctly serving web pages. 
    • If you wish to have a web site hosted at Dartmouth, please see this article to learn about your options: Changes to Dartmouth Community Web Hosting
    • Otherwise, please follow the directions below.

Please select Request Service on this page to exercise one of the following options:

  • I do not want my data
    • Account will be deleted from the server
    • Site contents will be deleted
  • I want to keep my data
    • An archive of the site contents will be created
    • You will be notified when and where you can retrieve the archive
    • Account will be deleted from the server.
  • I believe this account should remain on Dartmouth’s servers
    • Please provide an explanation of why you believe this site should remain on Dartmouth’s servers. Possible reasons for this include but are not limited to:
      • You are still a current Dartmouth student, faculty or staff member
      • The site was created for a currently active organization
      • The site was created for an academic or administrative department
      • The site was created for a faculty member
      • Please include a contact at Dartmouth who will take ownership of this account.
    • If it is determined that this account will remain on Dartmouth’s servers, we will work with the contact that you provide to transfer ownership.
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