Ingenico Terminal for Credit Cards

Terminals are purchased through the Finance Center.



  1. Settle batch and reconcile Vx520 – **it is very important you settle and close out the batch before proceeding**

  2. Unplug the Vx520 terminal and connect the new Ingenico terminal

  3. Run a penny test using card swipe

  4. Box the Vx520 terminal and return it to either Nissanka Kiridena or Dee Fillian at 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 302.  Please do not send terminals back to Chase.

  5. If you have any difficulty connecting the new terminal:

    1. Chase Terminal Helpdesk: Call (888) 886-8869

      1. Have an MID handy, because it will be required when you call in

      2. Select Prompt # 3 ”for technical assistance…”

      3. Select Prompt # 5 “for assistance with your iCT250 or ingenico terminal”


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Thu 1/23/20 9:00 AM