Connecting to a Hosted FileMaker Database

Dartmouth FileMaker Server Host Addresses (formerly or the non-DISC server) (formerly fm-disc01-prd) (formerly fm-disc02-prd)


You will need to be connected to the VPN (GlobalProtect) or on the Dartmouth Campus network in order to connect to the FileMaker servers.

  • Launch FileMaker client. Navigate to File>Hosts:

  • Select the server that your FileMaker database is hosted on. Any non-DISC database will be hosted on, while databases with confidential data will be hosted on or More information on DISC policies can be found here. In the window that appears, search for your database using the search bar.

  • Right-click your database and select Add to Favorites, then click OK.

  • Your database should now show in the Favorites section of FileMaker Pro. Double-click the database to open it.


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