Phone Web Portal

With Dartmouth's phone system, you can use the web portal to change the configuration on your desk phone.

The portal can also be used as your phone. It is not recommended that you use the web portal exclusively as your phone as you would need to have the web browser open, not minimized and be logged into the portal in order to receive calls. However, the portal could be useful if you are somewhere where you have a device connected to the Internet, but on which the GoToConnect application hasn't been installed. 

To access the web portal log into When prompted for your email address, enter <Your NetID> as the email address (e.g. then click Next then Continue. You'll be presented with Dartmouth's web authentication screen. Enter your Dartmouth NetID and password, and Duo if prompted. 

Note: Firefox and Chrome are the supported web browsers for the portal. If your web browser is minimized, even if you are logged into, any calls to your number will go to voicemail; your phone won't ring in the minimized browser window. 


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