How can I upgrade a legacy version of Office to Office 365? (Windows)

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Upgrading your legacy version of Office to Office 365 (Windows)

If you are running an older version of Office, your Dartmouth Office 365 license affords you the ability to upgrade to the latest version. Please follow the steps below to upgrade an older version of Microsoft Office to Office 365.

1. Log into

2. Click the ‘Install Office’ link in the top right of your screen.


3. Click the ‘Office 365 Apps’ download link. This will download a Setup file that will need to be executed to complete the upgrade.

4. For Windows a small setup file (around 5 meg) will be added to your downloads folder. You should be able to launch it directly from the downloads link in your browser. 



(The Setup file will look similar to the file above)

Once you run the Office setup file it will download the rest of the payload and install Office 365 to your Windows client. The installer may ask you to shut down any existing programs you are running to complete the installation. Be aware that this could take some time as the file size is large.

If you need additional assistance please call the IT Service Desk at 603-646-2999.


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