Word Problem - Miniscule Font


The appearance of a Microsoft Word document is very difficult due to the size of the fonts being too small.


This article applies to Microsoft Word.


The 'View' of a document could have been set to something other than "Normal" or the Zoom setting could be at the far left side of the slider.


In the lower-right corner of the Microsoft Word document window, go to the 'Zoom' setting bar.  Check that the indicator is set to 100% instead of being all the way to the left side of the bar (10%).

Another option to try is to go to the "View" menu and check that the document is not in the "Outline" view. Normally, the "Print Layout" option is best for viewing how the document will appear if it is to be printed.

Lastly, you can change the size of the fonts being used to be larger by selecting the text in the document and then increasing the font size. This can be done by selecting the text, going to the Home tab and then to the "Font" section. The available font sizes will appear in the pop-down menu by the font name.

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