What is the best method for drafting emails for another Outlook user?


You want to be able to draft a number of emails for another team member and then allow that user be able to open, edit and send them.


This article applies to Microsoft Outlook.


Not applicable.


1) Create the Drafts from your own account. Compose them as would a normal email.
2) When you are done 'Click Save' to place them in your Drafts folder.
3) When you have the Drafts ready and want to send them to the other team member, compose a new email to that team member with a Subject that is clear that there are DRAFTS included in this email.
4) While the compose window is open navigate to your DRAFTS folder in your Outlook Folder list. 
5) Now Drag each draft you want to send to your team member into your email to them and click SEND.
6) When your team member receives this email they will need to drag each attached draft into their own DRAFTS folder. Once they do that, they can then open each, edit and SEND as desired.



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