Move OneDrive Files from Outlook on the Web

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  1. If your mailbox is in O365 (Outlook), open a browser and log into
  2. Click the waffle in the top left corner of the page.
  3. Click OneDrive.
  4. Choose the file you would like to move by putting a check mark in the circle to the left of the folder or file
    • Note, you can choose multiple files and/or folders but be aware of the size as the more you choose the longer it will take to move
  5. Right click the highlighted files and choose Download.
    • Note, you can choose Move to or Copy to, but it will only let you move or copy to another Dartmouth College Microsoft Site such as a Group
  6. Choose Save File.
  7. Open your downloads folder.
    • For example, in Firefox click on the blue down arrow with the line underneath and right click any download and choose “open containing folder”
  8. Highlight the downloads you would like to save elsewhere and click either cut or copy, and paste them where you would like to save them to, ex; an external harddrive.


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