Outlook for Windows: new email compose window not visible


Compose new email window doesn't open. Windows taskbar shows compose window icon.


This article applies to Windows 10, Outlook for Windows


Windows 10 computer had been connected to two monitors, e.g. LG Ultrawide, Dell 2407 WFD-H. One monitor was removed. Windows 10 display settings were still using "dual monitor extended" display mode and opening Outlook new email compose window in the extended display space of the removed monitor. Computer had been restarted, but still remembered multi-monitor extended dispaly settings.


  1. Right click on Windows 10 desktop.
  2. Select Intel Graphic settings to open Intel HD Graphic Control Panel.
  3. Select Multiple displays.
  4. Select single display.
  5. Save setting



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Tue 3/5/19 10:53 AM
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