You can use the screen command to save your terminal session on a server within the cluster. This way you can log off and return to your session from a different computer, or at a later time. Here are some basic commands to get you started with screen:

Once on Discovery you can start a screen session by typing the command:


This will take you into a screen session. From here, you can continue as normal. If you lose connection from here on, you will be able to restore the session saving your work.


You must detach your screen session before exiting the terminal, else the session will fail if you try and exit. To detach your screen session, type this command:

Ctrl + a + d

This will take you out of your screen session and back to your original terminal. If your screen session has been detached, then you should see a [detached] message when you have left the session.

To recall a screen session, you will use the command:

screen –r

Note if you have multiple sessions you will see multiple session ID’s. To recall a specific session just append the id after the –r

screen –r <session ID>

[Other helpful CMDS]

You can open multiple screen sessions by using the command:

Ctrl + a + c

To switch between the different screen sessions, you can issue the command:

Ctrl + a + <0-9>

For more information about screen type <man screen>


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