Uninstall Microsoft Office 365 for Mac

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Sometimes uninstalling the Office Suite may help you resolve some bugs you are experiencing with an Office application. Unlike Windows, Microsoft does not offer a tool for Mac, that will uninstall the Office Suite at the click of a button. This article offers a step-by-step guide on manually removing the Office Suite along with any associated files. This will NOT delete any personal files such as Word documents or PowerPoint Slides.

Note: You must have administrator privileges to complete these steps  


Remove Microsoft Office Applications

  1. Open Finder > Applications
  2. Press and hold CommandCOMMAND key and select all of the Office applications.
  3. Press Control + Click on an application that you have selected and click Move to Trash

Remove Microsoft Office Associated Files

  1. In Finder, press and hold the Option (alt) key and click Go. This will show you the Library hidden folder.
  2. Click Library > Containers
  3. Move the following following folders to the Trash:
    1. com.microsoft.errorreporting
    2. com.microsoft.Excel
    3. com.microsoft.netlib.shipassertprocess
    4. com.microsoft.Office365ServiceV2
    5. com.microsoft.OneNote.mac
    6. com.microsoft.Outlook
    7. com.microsoft.PowePoint
    8. ​​​​​​​com.microsoft.RMS.XPCService
    9. ​​​​​​​com.microsoft.Word
  4. Alternatively, on MacOS Ventura and later, the folders are:
    1. Microsoft Error Reporting
    2. Microsoft Excel
    3. Microsoft OneNote
    4. Microsoft Outlook
    5. Microsoft PowerPoint
    6. Microsoft SharePoint
    7. Microsoft SharePoint Launcher
    8. Microsoft Word
    9. Microsoft.Mashup.Container

Remove Outlook Data Folders

  1. Click the back button to go back to the Library folder
  2. Click Group Container and remove the following folders: Note: Outlook data will be removed when you move the three folders listed in this step to Trash. You should back up these folders before you delete them.
    1. UBF8T346G9.ms
    2. UBF8T34G9.Office
    3. UBF8T346G9.OficeOsfWebHost

Remove Office Apps Pinned to the Dock

  1. Control + Click on any Microsoft Application pinned to the dock and click Options
  2. Click Remove from Dock

For Further Information

Please visit Microsoft's official article for more information.


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