Install VirtualBox on Mac OS host

Installing VirtualBox 6 on MacOS Hosts.



  1. Download VirtualBox installation DMG from, select OS X hosts.
  2. Double-click on the DMG file, to mount the contents.
  3. A window opens, prompting you to double-click on the VirtualBox.pkg installer file dis-played in that window.
  4. This will start the installer, which enables you to select where to install Oracle VM VirtualBox.
  5. After installation, you can find an Oracle VM VirtualBox icon in the “Applications” folder in the Finder. 
  6. Save the DMG file, which is needed to uninstall Virtual Box.


  1. Open the disk image dmg file and double-click on the uninstall icon shown.


  1. Open VirtualBox and click on the “New” button to build a new virtual machine.
  2. Name the new virtual machine “Windows 10 VM” (or something equally obvious), select “Microsoft Windows” as the type and choose “Windows 10” as the version, then choose Continue.
  3. Select to create a new virtual hard drive, then choose Continue again.
  4. Back at the primary VirtualBox screen, choose “Start” to boot the new Windows 10 volume.
  5. Since there is no drive or OS installed yet, you will be asked to choose a virtual optical disk, click on the Folder icon and choose the Windows 10 ISO, then click “Start.”
  6. In a moment or two you’ll be in the Windows 10 installer, select your language and click “Next.”
  7. Go through the standard Windows 10 installation experience, this can take a little while but eventually you’ll create a user account, select a user name, and do some basic Windows configuration.
  8. When setup is finished, Windows 10 will be running in VirtualBox.
  9. When you’re finished, quit VirtualBox like any other application and Windows 10 will shut down. When you want to run Windows again in Mac OS X, just launch VirtualBox again, select your Windows 10 virtual machine, and click the “Start” button to boot Windows in the app.


  1. Open Virtual Box, run Windows 10, log into your account.
  2. From the Virtual Box Menu Bar (not Windows 10 menu) select DEVICES – Insert Guest Additions CD Image…
  3. Prompt appears – CD Drive D: VirtualBox Guest Additions, click on message.
  4. Select Next to run VBoxWindowsAdditions exe.
  5. Allow App to make changes.
  6. Start the Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions wizard, select shared folder in Browse for Folder window.
  7. Select install.

For Further Information

  • VirtualBox Documentation, including User Manual (HTML and PDF versions) -



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