Microsoft Office - documents are View Only - "Your account doesn't allow editing, contact your admin about your Office plan."

Applies to

Both Mac and Windows versions of Office 2016 and newer.


Cannot edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents, or use Outlook. Banner at top of application window reads,

Licensing for Office 365 and apps at Dartmouth is tied to your Dartmouth account activity and type.

  • If you leave Dartmouth, when your account expires, that will end your ability to use Microsoft Office apps for editing. View only will be available, but you will need to acquire a personal copy of Microsoft Office to replace the version on your computer.
  • If your Dartmouth account changes from employee (or student) to a sponsored account, you will have access to email via the web interface (, but no longer have access to Microsoft Office applications.
  • If you an active student or employee and see this error,
    • Sign out of an Microsoft Office app (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint),
    • Quit all Microsoft Office apps.
    • Launch a Microsoft Office app, and sign back in again.

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