Search in Outlook on the Web

In Outlook on the web (, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to search for email messages and people.

Search for an email message

  1. In the Search box, type what you want to search for (a contact, subject, or part of a message) and press Enter.
  2. When you're done with the search, select the back arrow in the Search box or click any folder in the navigation pane on the left to exit the search.

Search for a contact to find email message.

  1. Start typing a name in the Search box.
  2. Choose from the suggested people in the list below the Search box, or press Enter to see more results.
  3. When you select a contact in the search results, you'll see a list of email messages related to that contact.
  4. To send a message to your contact, select Send email below the contact's name. To add the contact to Favorites, select Add to Favorites next to the contact's name.

Find email messages from your favorite contacts

  1. If you often search for email from the same people, you can add those people to Favorites.
  2. To add the contact to Favorites, search for that contact, select their name in the search results, and then select Add to Favorites next to the contact's name.
  3. To see all email messages from that person, select their name under Favorites in the left pane.

Refine your search

  1. When searching your inbox, Outlook on the web searches in All folders by default. Use the filter to the right of the search box to search in specific folders such as Deleted Items or Sent Items.

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