Re-enabling Ablebits Add-in for Excel in Excel 2016

This article walks through re-enabling the Ablebits Add-in in Excel 2016.


If the Ablebits add-in is not showing up in the Excel UI you can follow the steps below to re-enable it..

1. First make sure the add-in isn't disabled
2. Click the Microsoft Office File menu in Excel 2016.
3. Go to Options -> Add-ins.
4. Under Disabled Application Add-ins navigate down to the Manage dropdown and select "COM Add-ins"
5. Click Go...:
6. If the add-in is in the list, select it and click the 'OK' button.

The Ablebits menu's should appear across the top to the right of your standard Excel menus

If the add-in keeps disappearing, follow the below steps to add it to The Trust Center

  1. In Excel, click on “File”.
  2. On the left-hand side, click on “Options”.
  3. The “Options” window opens. On the left-hand side, go to “Trust Center”.
  4. On the “Trust Center” page, click on “Trust Center Settings”.
  5. Again, a new window opens (“Trust Center”). Click on Trusted Locations.
  6. Click on Add new location
  7. Now, click on Browse in order to select the folder containing your add-in.  (ex. C:\Users\f001mr0\AppData\Roaming\Ablebits\Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel\)
  8. In total you have to confirm 3 times by clicking on OK.

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