Device Assurance Program FAQ

What is Device Assurance Program (DAP) and how do I enroll?

For more information about the details of the program, please visit the DAP service page.

How do I know what is being changed on my computer?

At a minimum changes which impact a users computer above and beyond the standard baseline configuration will be published in the knowledge base article "Device Assurance Program (DAP) - Changes and Events".  In addition any significant change may also be communicated via other channels such as VOX.  Examples of these changes could be new campus wide software deployments such as a new version of Microsoft Office or a new VPN software.

Do I need to be part of the CAP program?

Although we strongly recommend the CAP program you do not need to be part of that program.  The minimum requirement is that your computer is a Dartmouth-owned computer.  

How is the DAP client installed?

Self-service instructions for installing the DAP client on your computer can be found on the links below or by contacting ITC support at

How do I uninstall DAP from my device?

Clients who wish to remove their device from DAP should contact their ITC support for assistance.

What devices does DAP support?

Generally, DAP supports all recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems.

Is my device enrolled in DAP?

Enrolled devices will find a new application installed called “Software Center”.

What is Software Center?

The Software Center application is similar to a mobile device app store (such as Google Play or the Apple App Store), but it provides customized content for Dartmouth systems. This content includes access to college approved software, maintenance task scheduling, support options, and other documentation. The Software Center gives clients the flexibility of choosing what to install and when to install it.

Can I connect to Software Center when I am off-campus?

For Software Center to function, the device must be on the Dartmouth network, or connected via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What changes does the installation of DAP make to a PC?

DAP installs the client to your PC. The client runs in the background and will not interfere with the operation of your computer. DAP will also install the Software Center application and the DAP control panel object. These items consume approximately 100 MB to 500 MB of disk space.

How will software be installed on my computer?

Most software installations will be initiated by clients through the Software Center application. Your ITC support group may also push software as needed/requested.

Who has access to my computer?

Only authorized members of the ITC support group have the ability to view your Dartmouth-issued computer through DAP.

Will I still have Administrative access to my PC?

There will be no automatic changes to the privileges of your user account by enrolling in DAP.

What if I no longer want to be part of the program, how can I opt out?

Although we are working hard to improve our service every day, we recognize that some may choose to support thier own computer.  To opt out of the program simply open a support ticket with ITC service desk and we will remove your computer from the program.