Media Storage and Sharing at Dartmouth

Dartmouth offers a wide variety of digital media services for storing and sharing media with others. This page explains how to request assistance in selecting a media hosting solution. Key considerations for shared media include access control, copyright protection, and whether the data should be available for download or stream. In addition, special attention should be given to whether any of the hosted data contains information protected by HIPAA, FERPA, or Dartmouth's Information Security Committee (DISC) policy.

Streaming media: This term describes the media presented to the customer by a provider’s streaming server, which can be watched or listened to before the entire file has been fully transmitted. Streaming media that contains proprietary academic or copyrighted material should be hosted securely using a video platform that integrates with the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). This media can be tagged to enforce a measure of access control and can be presented in a web-based media player embedded on a web page that normally does not permit the viewer to save the content.

Media intended for public consumption (or is not copyrighted) could also be publicly-hosted by commercial vendors such as YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. Examples include podcasts, campus news, filmed events, and public announcements.

Non-streaming media: While streaming media is generally not saved to a user’s device or computer, non-streaming media must typically be downloaded in its entirety before use. Office 365 license holders can currently share documents and media via SharePoint, OneDrive, and the Office 365 Video application. Some non-streaming media might also be hosted along with a customer’s web content, directly on the Dartmouth WWW servers.  A key consideration for non-streaming media should be whether or not it needs to be shared publicly, that is with persons who do not have a Dartmouth network account.

To request an evaluation of your media hosting needs, submit a support request at our Services Portal with some details of your specific project requirements. This request will be reviewed to determine the best option(s) for you.



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