Remote Desktop Services (RDS) on a Macintosh

RDS can be used for accessing these applications:

  • OnBase
  • EBS (Financials, Procurement, HRMS)
  • EMS
  • Kronos
  • ODI
  • CS Gold
  • Computrition
  • CenterStone
  • R25
  • PageScope
  • Automic/Appworx

System Requirements

Installing Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

If your computer is part of the Dartmouth DAP (Device Assurance Program), follow the steps below

  1. Open your Applications folder
  2. Open the Dartmouth Software Center
  3. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop 10

If your computer is not part of Dartmouth DAP. follow these steps

  1. Click the Apple menu, and select App Store from the menu that appears.
  2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop and click Get once it appears in the list for search results.
  3. Click Install App.
  4. If you are asked for your Apple ID and password, enter it, and click Continue. You will see "Installing".
  5. Once installed, click Open.

Configuring Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

  1. The first time you run Microsoft Remote Desktop you may see a "What's New" window. Click Don't show this again, then click Close.
  2. You may be prompted "We need to request access to your microphone and camera". Click Continue, and click OK to allow Microsoft Remote Access app access to your camera and microphone.
  3. You should see the main Microsoft Remote Desktop app window. You won't see anything just yet; we need to configure it. To start, click the +, and select Add Workspace.
  4. In the URL field, type, Leave the User account field set to Ask when required. Click Add.
  5. When prompted enter your and password.
  6. All the resources you have access to within Dartmouth College RemoteApp will be displayed.
  7. Double click any one of the applications to launch.

Using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) after initial installation

Once setup is complete, you can access RDS applications directly from the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

If you access RDS applications via a web browser using the url, you will be prompted to log in via the web browser, and again when the Microsoft Remote Desktop app launches.

You will only see the applications to which you have permissions. If you see nothing contact the Service Desk to troubleshoot. 

Applications with "Duo" in the name will require Duo for authentication. Applications that do not have Duo in the name do NOT require Duo. See for more information about Duo.

Common Issues

Once I log into RDS, I don't see the application I need.

It may be that you have not been granted access to that application via RDS. Contact your department's IT support group for assistance.

When I click on the application, I get the following dialog (wording may vary):

RDS Common Issues screen capture

Choose Open with Remote Desktop, then check the Do this automatically for files like this from now on box.

I started the application, however, after a few minutes I received an error

We often see this error when you do not respond or authorize a Duo request for the application. You have 60 seconds to acknowledge the duo request.

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