IDL for Windows


This application uses a network license manager and requires a connection to the Dartmouth network each time you run IDL.

  1. Download the installation instructions for IDL.
  2. Download IDL 8.2 SP3 for Windows 32-bit, or IDL 8.2 SP3 for Windows 64-bit.
  3. You will prompted by the Dartmouth Web Authentication page using your NetID and password to authenticate for access to the download.
  4. Follow the installation instructions guide for install IDL for Windows.
  5. Information about IDL and installing a network license can be found at IDL at Dartmouth.


IDL (Interactive Data Language) is a complete computing environment for the interactive analysis and visualization of data. IDL integrates a powerful, array-oriented language with numerous mathematical analysis and graphical display techniques.

  • Version: 8.2
  • System Requirements: Windows 7
  • File Date: 20 May 2013



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