Faculty Search Tool for Search Committees


Interfolio is an online Faculty Search tool offered by the Dean of Faculty office.

It offers online dossiers, credentials, and letters-of-recommendation. Its application allows search committees to collect applications tailored to the needs of their positions, review applications on their own timeline, and customize evaluation criteria to suit their needs. In addition, faculty candidates experience a simplified application process, and departmental staff can avoid the need to copy and file paper materials.

Help with Interfolio:

  1. The point of contact for initial assistance with Interfolio is the Division Coordinator to the Associate Dean for each academic division in the Dean of Faculty Office.
  2. Support for using Interfolio is available through direct access to Interfolio's HelpDesk.

Departmental Account Request:

Should you need to obtain a temporary department account for the duration of the search process, complete and submit a Departmental Account Request Form.


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