What is an Outlook Contact?

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A "contact" is a person with whom you communicate on a business or personal level, and whose personal or business information (or both) is stored in your Contacts folder. Often you have contacts you email who are outside of Dartmouth. They will not be located in the Global Address List of Exchange, nor in other Dartmouth Directories. The best way to keep track of these addresses is to create a contact record for them in your account.

Note: Contacts that do not appear in the Global Address List nor in the Dartmouth Directory, even if they appear as you start typing their email address, will not be permanently stored unless you explicitly save them as a contact. Names that appear as you start typing are from a temporary file on your local computer that stores the most recent addresses you used. If you switch computers, or don't use an address frequently, that address will be lost to you unless you have previously stored it in your contacts.

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