Using Fetch (FTP) to update a website


Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) does not assist with management of personal websites. However, we do license an FTP program called Fetch which can be used for moving files from a Macintosh computer into a personal website on a server at Dartmouth. See details below, or contact your department's IT support office if you need Fetch installed on your computer.

  1. Open the Fetch program.
  2. In the Hostname field enter
  3. In the Username field enter the name for your web account (i.e. jsmith).
  4. Make sure the Connect using field is set to SFTP.
  5. Enter your password for your web account into the Password field.
  6. Click Connect.

Once connected to your web account, your files should be uploaded and maintained within the public_html folder. If you upload any of your files outside of the public_html directory, those files won't be found by someone browsing your website.


To use the Dartmouth site licensed version of Fetch, please refer to Fetch (FTP) Software for Macintosh.

Fetch is an FTP application for Macintosh that is site-licensed for Dartmouth. Originally developed at Dartmouth, this product is now sold by FetchSoftworks. Through their website they provide a robust help system including FAQ, Online help and message boards. See Fetchsoftworks support.

In addition Fetch has several visual tutorials in using FTP to connect to a Web server:

Many video tutorials may be found by doing a search for "using fetch youtube"


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