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As scheduled by the office of Conferences and Events (C&E), Information,Technology & Consulting (ITC) provides equipment and staffing for video projection, speech reinforcement, video recording, and live streaming for lectures, conferences, and other campus events.

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Available to

  • Video projection, speech reinforcement, and live streaming services are available to any Dartmouth affiliated department, staff, or guest that has scheduled an A&S classroom or other campus venue managed by C&E.
  • Video recording services are available to any college affiliated program or department – both on and off campus.

Benefits and Features

ITC provides premium, at-cost support for events and conferences on the Hanover campus.

Features include:

  • Projecting a computer or other video source onto a large screen
  • Speech reinforcement and Assistive Listening Device (ALD) services
  • Video recording events
  • Live distribution of video feed to other viewing sites on campus
  • Live distribution of video feed to internet
  • Options for full staffing, scheduled tech checks, or user training to support self service
  • Contracting with outside vendors
  • Multi-Camera production options
  • Network connectivity for large events
  • Audio, desktop and video conferencing services

Requirements and Fees

  • Projection and audio services are charged a direct services rate of $85/hour.
  • An on-call rate of $35/hour is charged after 4pm and on weekends.
  • Video services are charged at a rate of $95/hour
  • College chart string is required form of payment; non-Dartmouth entities must establish an account to obtain services.

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