Linux Printing for Konica Minolta


Linux drivers can be downloaded from

In the Quick Search field enter and search for the model of the printer (i.e. C368), then select the result (i.e. bizhub C368).

To the right click on the Drivers tab, and scroll down to the Linux section. You will want the latest .zip for the drivers
(i.e. C759

Download printer drivers and install them. Or there may only be the PPD files you need for adding a printer queue.

Then using the CUPS web access, Connect to, and use that interface to set up the printer queue.

You would also be able to include the Account Track information if the copier requires Account track. 


Want to enable CUPs web interface (Mac) so you can see what it looks like?

  • Go to http://localhost:631/printers/.
  • A screen may appear saying 'Web Interface is Disabled': 
  • Open a Terminal window and enter cupsctl WebInterface=yes and click Enter.
  • Give it a minute, but then should be able to enterhttp://localhost:631/printers/ and see your printers.
  • Use the Administration tab to Add a printer.


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