Configuring Apple iOS Mail

If you have been notified that you are using Basic authentication, below are steps on how to remove and add your Dartmouth account on your iOS device. Users that have added their account using Basic authentication years ago will be required to remove and re-add their account to ensure they can continue to sync their account with Microsoft 365 and comply with Modern authentication standards.  In doing so, when adding your account you will be presented with the Dartmouth Single Sign On (DUO) process you use with other services

Microsoft Outlook is the recommended and supported email client for iOS at Dartmouth. When you move to Outlook please continue the follow the steps provided for your Apple Device. This will ensure a smooth transition.

You can always access your Dartmouth email and calendar by using from any supported web browser. 

NOTE: Before performing these steps on your mobile device make sure you are connected to  a reliable WIFI network (vs. your mobile network provider).

Remove your account
Re-adding your account

Remove Account from Apple iOS

  1. Open settings

  2. Scroll down to select 'Mail'

  3. Select 'accounts', you should see a list of accounts you have setup on your device.

  4. Select your 'Dartmouth Mail account' (this might say ‘Exchange’ if you didn’t name the account originally)

  5. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Delete Account’. A message will pop letting you know that by doing this it will also remove all contacts, notes, reminders and calendars from your iPhone (if you chose to sync these items originally).

    (NOTE: The objects being deleted are objects related to your Dartmouth account and not your personal accounts)

    Confirm the deletion and the account will be removed from the device. This could take several minutes (maybe more!) to complete.


Adding your Dartmouth account to iOS

  1. Open 'Settings'

  2. Scroll down to select Mail

  3. Select ‘Accounts

  4. Select ‘Add Account’ You will be presented with a list of mail services.

  5. Select Microsoft Exchange. You will be presented with two fields. ‘Email’ and ‘Description

  6. Enter your ‘’ in the Email field. In the second field for Description you can rename it something more descriptive (for example ‘Dartmouth Email’) than the default label it provides.

  7. Select ‘Next' in the top right corner. You will be presented with a pop up that says ‘Sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft?’ with two options ‘Configure Manually’ or ‘Sign in’. Select ‘Sign in’ and you should be presented with the Dartmouth single Sign on page.

  8. Log in using Duo.

  9. One you have logged in you will be presented with options for what items you would like to sync. (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes). You can toggle off any items you are not interested in syncing. Once done select Save in the top right. You settings should be saved and you will see the Dartmouth account listed with any others you have listed.

  10. From there you can open up Apple Mail and your inbox should start syncing mail.

Additional notes

  • You may notice when opening the native Apple Calendar app that any shared calendars will be enabled. You will need to deselect any that you do not want see.
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