macOS Ventura: Before you Upgrade

macOS Ventura, version 13.0, was released October 2022

Our Recommendation

We recommend waiting to upgrade your operating system until:
  • You verify that your computer hardware, software applications, and peripheral devices are all compatible with the new OS.

    • In some cases, if there is an upgrade solution for your 3rd party software applications and peripherals, it may not be free.

    • At the moment, the GreenPrint application is not working with Ventura. ITC is investigating, but if you are a student and use the GreenPrint application, you may want to hold off. GreenPrint Mobile and Send Document to Printer through the network should still work as expected, though.

  • You are aware of the changes that the new operating system brings and whether they will affect your work.

Still have questions?

Submit a ticket for a consultation about when to upgrade

Coming from macOS Mojave 10.14 or older

If you are currently running macOS Mojave 10.14 or older, there are some important changes that came with macOS Catalina, 10.15, that also apply to Ventura.

  • 32-bit applications are no longer supported.
    • Most popular apps have transitioned to a 64-bit architecture by now, but you may still be using an old application that is 32-bit.
    • Find out which applications are 32-bit or 64-bit on your computer.
    • If a 32-bit application is critical for your work, you will need to find a 64-bit version, or consider waiting to upgrade until there is a replacement for the application.
  • Some Kernel based extensions will no longer work.


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