Splashtop SOS Remote Support Solution

While working with Information, Technology and Consulting (ITC) staff, you may be asked to join a remote support session so the consultant can see or control your computer to troubleshoot issues.

ITC uses Splashtop SOS to provide remote support. Splashtop SOS allows Dartmouth technicians to access your desktop remotely upon your approval when you need them. This is known as an attended session and will allow a technician to remotely control your desktop as well as transfer files back and forth as needed to resolve issues. A remote session cannot start without you providing a code. Prior to joining a session, please make sure any sensitive documents or applications are closed. When the session window is closed, we are denied further access to your computer. We cannot regain remote control of your computer unless you provide us with another passcode.


How can I obtain the Splashtop SOS client?

The Splashtop SOS client can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Accessible via the Dartmouth Software Centers (Windows/Mac DAP Enrolled Devices)
    • For more information on the Windows Software Center for managed computers see this article.
    • Dartmouth Software App store is available on all DAP enrolled Macs and should be available in your Applications folder.
  • Dartmouth direct download links
  • ITC will be making the client available as part of our standard computer provisioning process and will be installed on all new Dartmouth computers.


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