How to Report Zoom Bombing



What is Zoom Bombing?

Zoom Bombing is a tactic used by suspicious actors to disrupt a Zoom call or meeting with unwanted audio or video.  Learn more about security for Zoom meetings and how to report Zoom Bombing incidents.

General Recommendations

Zoom Security and Privacy Settings

Preparation and Security for Zoom Webinars and Meetings

Zoom Meeting Settings when Including External Guests

NOTE:   If you publish Zoom meetings in public spaces such as Facebook or public websites, your meeting may be accessible to anyone.  Pay special attention to how you advertise your meetings so only invited guests attend.

  1. Use a Dartmouth Zoom account.
  2. Avoid using Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for group or public events.  Personal Meeting IDs are tied to your local Zoom client.  They are an "always on" connection to your individual Zoom instance.
  3. Consider hosting a Zoom Webinar for community events.  Follow best practices for Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings.
  4. Do not publish meeting links or invitations in social media spaces, forums, or public websites if you intend to limit guests to the Dartmouth community.


Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Meeting

Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Webinar

How to Prevent Zoom Bombing

It's important to check security settings for your Zoom event.  By default, Dartmouth Zoom meetings will be pre-configured for Meeting Waiting Rooms.  This means any external participants who do not login with a Dartmouth NetID will be placed in a Waiting Room until the  meeting host allows the individual to join the event.

  1. Use your Dartmouth Zoom account when scheduling meetings and webinars.
  2. Verify your meetings have a passcode applied.
    • As of June 1, 2020, all Dartmouth Zoom meetings should have a passcode embedded in the meeting link.  If your meeting or weinar was created prior to June 1, 2020; please apply a meeting code to your event.  Find instructions at Zoom - Passcodes for Meetings and Webinars.
    • Do not publish a link with an embedded passcode to public spaces.  If you publish links with embedded passcodes to public sites, any individual can join your event.
  3. To limit your event to Dartmouth NetID users, enable "Only authenticated users can join."

How to Report Zoom Bombing

Please Report Zoom Bombing incidents to ITC as soon as possible.


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