Outlook Calendar reoccurring meetings with conflicts

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In order to support the needs of our clients and scheduling functionality within the new EMS installation, re-occurring meeting scheduling behavior has been changed slightly.

Previously, when scheduling a reoccurring meeting, a single conflict would cause a series of scheduled meetings to be rejected. For example, a reoccurring meeting with 10 meeting instances would fail to book if a single date was in conflict. This has been a problem for many users and is a problem for EMS.

The new scheduling behavior for reoccurring meetings will book the series except for the one meeting that was in conflict. Using the example above, 9 of the 10 meetings would be scheduled and a failure notice will be generated for the single meeting instance that was in conflict. This will allow the user to alter the time or room resource for this conflicting meeting without needing to reschedule the entire series.


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Mon 10/5/20 8:23 AM
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