Qualtrics project/survey ownership transfer within, in, or out of the Dartmouth Brand

When a user leaves the College, changes roles or graduates, the ownership of the existing surveys remains in the user's account even after access is interrupted (deactivated NetID).

Dartmouth Brand (ie. institutional instance) Administrators can:

  • reassign ownership to another user within the Dartmouth Brand
  • share existing survey(s) with one user or a group of users within the Dartmouth Brand using the "Collaboration" feature. Note that the "leaving user" can do that themselves anytime before their access becomes deactivated.
  • request a Sponsored Account from the faculty sponsor to continue the survey collaboration
  • export the survey and or the data/results to a file format (usually CSV or MS Excel spreadsheet). Note that the "leaving user" can do that themselves anytime before their access becomes deactivated. Data will only be sent to a Dartmouth email address (alum or other). If the data has to be sent outside, the former manager of the departing staff will have to provide approval and confirm external email.

The "leaving user" can request their surveys/projects to be transferred out of the Dartmouth Qualtrics Brand and into a personal or another institution's brand by contacting Qualtrics Support directly. Qualtrics support will then contact the Dartmouth Brand Admins for approval. The Dartmouth Brand Admins cannot transfer surveys outside of our brand, only approve request processed via the Qualtrics Support.

Requests to transfer surveys from a different Brand into the Dartmouth brand are also processed by contacting Qualtrics Support ​. Dartmouth Brand Admins do not need to approve incoming transfers.

If the student/employee is still an active collaborator with a faculty/PI, the faculty/PI can submit a sponsored account request to temporarily (one year by default) reactivate the NetID, thus restoring access to services such as Qualtrics.

Note: there is no guarantee that incoming or outgoing transferred surveys will keep working in their new brand, as some features availability depend on the licensing agreement of each brand. If a feature is missing in the "receiving brand", the survey may not work properly. Such issues must be addressed by by contacting Qualtrics Support.


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