Zoom Meeting Settings when Including External Guests

This article provides Dartmouth Staff Members secure settings for hosting Zoom business meetings that require external participants.  These settings are not recommended for Faculty because they may effect how existing classes or office hours are set up.

These settings allow you to create a secure meeting for both internal and external participants.

  • External (non-Dartmouth authenticated) participants will be placed in a waiting room and the host will grant them access to the meeting.
  • Internal (Dartmouth Authenticated) participants will automatically bypass the waiting room and join the meeting as usual.


User Level Settings and Meeting Level Settings

The meeting host must ensure that things are set properly on both the User Level and the Meeting Level. The first step is to ensure things are set properly at the User Level.

User Level Settings:

Start by navigating to: https://dartmouth.zoom.us

Select “Sign In” and go through the DUO Authentication Processes if needed.

From the default landing page select “Settings” from the Zoom Navigation bar located along the left-hand side of the screen.

“Meeting, Recording, & Telephone” submenus will be displayed.

Under the “Meeting” sub menu select the “Schedule Meeting”

Scroll down and enable “Only authenticated users can join meetings

Immediately under that is “Meeting Authentication Options:”

If it is not already set up be sure that “Sign into Zoom – Dartmouth.edu (Default)”

It should look like this example:







Under the “Meeting” sub menu along the left-hand side select “In Meeting (Advanced)”

Scroll down to “Waiting room” and enable it.

Under “Choose which participants to place in the waiting room” select “Guest participants only”.

This concludes the settings needed at the User Level.

The next steps are done at the Meeting Level either when you are scheduling a meeting or editing an existing meeting.


Meeting Level

Meeting Level changes are best done via the Zoom Desktop Application.  If you have not yet downloaded the Desktop Client, you can do so from https://dartmouth.zoom.us.

Start by opening the Zoom Desktop Application so you are on the default landing screen.












If you are scheduling a new meeting select “Schedule” and choose your topic, date, time, and other meeting options as you normally would then select “Advanced Options”.

  • Check the “Enable Waiting Room” option
  • Un-check the “Only authenticated users can join”

All other selections are at the host's discretion. Select “Schedule”.

If you want to update these settings for an existing meeting, then at the default landing screen select “Meetings” from the navigation bar located at the top of the screen. Find the meeting you wish to update. Select it, then select “Edit”, and follow the same operations for a new meeting from above.


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