Recreate Deleted Shortcuts for Shared Folders

This article addresses the steps to take after an accidental deletion of a shortcut for a Shared Folder.

  • Find directory location of old shortcut.

    • Search in cortana search (search box on lower left of screen) and search on File Explorer to bring up a File icon.
    • Right-click on the folder to see "recent places listed".
    • Bring back network location of shortcut:  Network > of_provost > directory > shared_file
    • Go into cortana search (search box on lower left of screen) and paste \\of_provost\directory\shared_file to ensure that it comes up.
  • Recreate shortcut.

    • Right-click on the desktop and do the following
      • new>shortcut
      • paste address \\of_provost\directory\shared_file into the box that comes up.
      • click Next and Finish
  • Make shortcut available to Windows Start

    • Right-click on desktop shortcut just created.
    • Select "pin to start"

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