Google Meet Overview

What is Google Meet?

  • Google Meet is a video conferencing tool to help you connect with your team from anywhere.  It is included with Dartmouth's Google Workspace platform.

When can I use Google Meet?

  • In particular, the Learning and Design team has received several requests for backup options for Zoom in the event of a service disruption. Because of Dartmouth's Google Workspace instance, Google Meet is a suitable secondary option.

How do I access Google Meet? 

  • Logging in to Google Meet is slightly more complicated due to the popularity of Gmail and Google Drive as a tool that people use personally, and outside of work. These steps are designed to ensure that you are in your Dartmouth Google Account.
  1. Navigate to and click on Google Drive. This will log you into your Dartmouth version of Google Drive (
  2. Click on the waffle icon in the upper-right hand corner and click Meet from the drop-down.


  1. Navigate to and make sure you sign in to your Dartmouth account rather than a personal account.

How do I host a meeting using Google Meet?

  • As a backup option, this overview assumes that the meeting will be generated on-the-fly and not pre-scheduled.  If you would like to schedule a Meet meeting, Google has features for pre-scheduling meetings via the Google Calendar.

  1. Once you open Google Meet from your Dartmouth account, select the option to join or start a meeting.
  2. Enter a name for the meeting.
  3. Upon entering, it will give you the options to Join now, Present, or Join and use a phone for audio. Click Join Now.
  4. When you join the room as a host, it will then allow you to share the details of the meeting with others. Copy joining info and then share with your students via Announcements in Canvas or other.
  5. To share your screen, click Present Now. If you present on macOS, you will have to give your browser permissions to use screen recording via the system preferences.
  6. To turn on machine-generated captions, click Turn on Captions.
  7. To see other options for the meeting, click the three vertical dots on the bottom right side of the video.
    • Settings - allows you to change your video and audio sources and settings
    • Change layout - allows you to alter how your meeting videos and screens are displayed for you
    • Recording - allows you to record the meeting and share the resulting recording with your students

How can I learn more about Google Meet?

How can I report a problem with Google Meet?


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